What is this game?

Sing It Backwards is a light-hearted app where you listen to a song played backwards, record a copy of what you hear, listen to your recording in reverse then guess the song.

Play through the song packs contained in the app, or record your own songs. The app allows you to share songs you record with a friend via your favorite messenger app. You can also share your hilarious attempts. See if they can guess the song you were trying to sing.

Play by yourself, or with a group of friends. 

Laughs are a near certainty.

Song packs

Well Known Songs

10 well known songs to get you started


10 duets for you and a friend to do together

Movies and TV

10 songs and theme tunes from movies and TV

Hits of the 60s

10 hit songs from the 60s

Hits of the 70s

10 hit songs from the 70s

Hits of the 80s

10 hit songs from the 80s

Hits of the 90s

10 hit songs from the 90s

Hits of the 00s

10 hit songs from the 00s

Nursery Rhymes

10 famous nursery rhymes (easy songs)